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We develop & manufacture machines for handling potatoes & vegetables

We develop & manufacture machines for handling potatoes & vegetables

We develop & manufacture machines for handling potatoes & vegetables



Always an EMVE-production

The washing- and gradinglines represents a significant part of our total production. They vary both in size and application, but the backbone is always an EMVE production. These type of applications are actually combinations of several different machines. Here we coarse and finegrade potatoes and vegetables and after that they are washed before off to final packaging and distribution to stores and customers.

Security without interruption

We are not satisfied until we receive an OK from our customers, ”now the line is working optimally”. However, cooperation with our customers doesn´t end here. On the contrary, it’s now that we show why we deserve our solid reputation as a responsible supplier. We offer extensive maintenance and development agreements to our customers. This is the kind of security that assures them of continuous production without unpleasant and costly interruptions.

Soil Extractor SE B

Soil extractors are available in six different versions, the SE B600, B800, B1200, B1600, B2000 and B2700, to meet differing capacity requirements. The machine riddles the product on an endless belt of netting. Under the riddle is a agitator unit that loosens any objects that become stuck in the netting. The soil removed leaves the machine via a conveyor, to prevent the grader becoming clogged. The riddle belt is tensioned with the help of a torsioner. The machine is fitted with a geared motor that drives the riddle and agitator unit.

Soil Extractor SE D, SE S

SE soil extractors are designed to remove soil from potatoes, onions, carrots etc before grading. The rotating shafts are fitted with rubber or nylondiscs (SE D) or star-shaped sections (SE S), depending on the products and the type of soil to be extracted.
The rollers are driven by a geared motor. Soil extractors are available in various widths and with differing numbers of rollers, to meet different capacity requirements

Soil Extractor SE CC

Soilextractor for different products. Adjustable spring coils by hand crank, or motor. Can be produced with 6 or 8 rolls and in different widths to meet customer demands. The rolls are driven by 1 pc. motor.

Brushing Machine BM

These machines are designed for brushing vegetables clean after a soilextractor. Two different versions are available, offering different bypass methods where no brushing is required. Version G machines are fitted with a damper that can be opened for bypassing e.g. via a conveyor belt under the machine. Version V machines are fitted with a variator and feature minimum possible fall height. By covering the brush rollers with a plastic belt and reducing the speed, the brushing machine can be used as a conveyor when brushing is not required.

Roller Table RT

Roller tables are designed to rotate and distribute potatoes, root vegetables and other similar products, so that they can be inspected from all angles. Table construction has been kept low, to ensure ergonomically correct working stance. Tables are also available with double roller lines with a 200 mm waste and reject funnel between them.

Belt Grader G B

G B600 – B2700 belt graders are designed for grading potatoes, onions, beetroot and other similar products into two sizes. They are available in six different widths, to meet varying capacity requirements. Grading is with the help of an endless net belt. Under the belt are two agitators that shake the net, to ensure that the product is correctly graded. Belt and agitator speeds can be set independently of each another. The fact that the riddle surface is a full 1500 mm long guarantees very high grading precision. Output is via a conveyor or chute.

Belt Grader G Bx2

G B600 and G B800 belt graders are designed for grading potatoes, onions, beetroot and other similar products into three sizes. They are available in two different widths, to meet varying capacity requirements. Grading is with the help of two endless net belts with different size meshes. Under each belt are two agitators that shake the net, to ensure that the product is correctly graded. Belt and agitator speeds can be set independently of each another. The fact that the riddle surfaces are a full 1 500 mm long guarantees very high grading precision. Output is via conveyor or chute.

Roller Grader G D

G DA Roller graders are designed to grade potatoes, onions etc into different sizes. Grading takes place over rotating rollers with the help of square shaped discs. Graders are available in three lengths, 800 mm, 1 300 mm and 1 700 mm to give 2, 3 or 4 grades respectively. They can be manu-factured in widths of 600, 900, 1 200, 1 500 or 2 000 mm to meet varying capacity requirements. The disc mesh remains square, ensuring accurate grading. Mesh settings can be made in an instant with the help of a motor, so that no separate riddles are required. The graders are fitted with feed units to give consistent grading and cleaning of the riddle surface.

Grader Mod RT/PT

The Grader is produced in 2 standard versions for different capacity. Screensurface 1600×1000 resp. 2000×1300 mm, divided in 2 screens per level. Sizes can be produced in 3 to 5 outlets. Outfeed of graded sizes can be done straigth on or at either side. Adjustable vibrations for best grading is standard. Screens with mesh 15-100 mm, with or without rubber.

Lenght graders

The graders are produced in mild or stainless steel, and different lengt and widths.
Varible vibrations for optimal grading. The opening gap is adjustable. Screen with round holes is produced only for broken pieces.

Roller grader G HR

The grader is produced in either mild or stainless steel. It comes in 3 different lengths depending on how many grades that are needed. It is also produced in 5 different widths, from 800-2400 mm. Driven by fixed or stepless adjustable speed. Grading process is done very gentle and with extremely low drops, and at the same time with high capacity. This priciple is very good for long shaped products. The inclining infeed secures that the products are aligned before grading starts.

Rollergrader Kerian

The Grader is produced in 3 different lengths. Width is produced in 5 versions, from w=760 mm. to max 1830 mm. Driven by 1 pc. motor with fixed or adj. speed. The rollers with increasing gap can be disigned to customer spec. Outfeed of graded sizes is done
by conveyors to boxes or further processing. The grading is done very silent and with high capacity. Especially good for grading long sized products. For best function the grader needs an aligning table before the grader.

Stem and roots separator SE SC

For carrots, potatoes and other vegetables.
The product is fed on the diagonal conveyor. The product slides down while stems and roots are drawn upwards over the edge. The diagonal conveyor can be manufactured with small spikes, alternative with larger/longer spikes. Inclination can be adjusted manual or via an electric actuator. Manufactured in stainless, or mild steel painted.

Floating object remover WE EF

Removes floating objects from the water surface.
The machine with options as pump and water spraying system at outfeed. Produced in stainless blasted steel. Product is fed in the backend of the machine, and floating objects are scraped sideways and slides over a screen to be separated from as much water as possible. Floating objects can fall directly in to customers box or similar. Left or right hand version to be set before order. Can be produced in different versions from 1-50 ton/hour. Options as pump, levelindicator, freshwater spraying and productfeeder can be provided.


The Destoner presses up water from a pump, and together with an agitator brings the potatoes to the side and flow in to a washer. The stones fall to the bottom and is taken out by hand or by an continously running stone elevator.

Drum Washer WE DW

Drum washers are available in three different versions, the WE DW1000, DW1200 and DW1500, with different capacities.
They are fitted with perforated steel plate drums with adjustable carriers and outlets via adjustable spiral screws in the outlet cone, to give gentle unloading with no fall heights. A choice is available between “dry washing” or washing in a water bath. Washers are equipped with rinsing nozzles in the drum, waste water valve and a hatch cover that can be removed for cleaning purposes. Suspension and drive is via belt, to give quiet, gentle operation. Digital frequency control of the worm gear drive for continuous adjustment of speed of rotation and reverse is a standard feature.

Washer WE DW1200ES

The drum is adjustable up and down, and together with the adjustable gate at outfeed, the adjustable water level and drum speed, it gives full flexibilty in adjusting the washers performance. By easily lifting the drum it also gives a very short change over time to next product. Incl. outfeed elevator with fresh water spraying. Agitator i bassin for antisedimentation, and pump for automatic water level control. Door and and gates one the sides for acess to cleaning and service when needed. Equipped with EMVE watercleaning system Akva-sep, with recycling and minimal use of fresh water conumption.

Capacity. 5-30 ton/tim.
Dimension (LxW) = 6,3×1,8 m. Infeed h=. h=2,2 m, outfeed =2,3 m.
Always produced in stainless steel, marble blasted.
Complete electrical panel.

Polisher WE PM D


For polishing of potato, carrot, parsnips etc.
12, 14 or 18 brushes. Lengths 2 – 2.5 – 3 and 3.5 m. Different length and stiffness of the brushes.
Adjustable speed on the drum and rollers.
Adjustable tilt on the drum, and the height of the output.
Direct drive of each roller brush. No belt drive.
Easily removable rollers without removing the bearings.

Polisher WE BP

Polisher for potato, carrot and other vegetables. Produced in stainless steel or in partly mildsteel. Models 12×2500, 12×3000, 14×2000, 14×2500,14×3000 and 18×3500 capacitet från 1-20 ton/tim. Note! Capacity depending on product. 12-14-15 or 18 brushers gives innerdiameter 650, 800 or 1000 mm. Bristles fixed with stainless clips. Short brush for carrots and long brush for potatoes. Rotation for
drum and brushers are adjustable with totally 3 motors. Simple construction and rotation of the drum with only 2 pc. powerbelts. Brushers/shafts can easily be lifted out sideways from the machine for service. Brushsegments can be taken off without taking off the bearings or pulley.

The tripplesealed protected bearings are easily lubricated due to open construction. The bearings are protected by cups filled with grease, to prevent water from getting in. The polisher can be adjusted by angle of the drum, the outfeed gate, the drum speed, the brush speed and added water to get optimal polishing.

Different versions for water recycling and cleaning can be delivered.

Hydrocooler WE DW 1200


For cooling of potato, carrot etc.
Perforated drum with internal spiral screw to feed the product, first in – first out. Hydrocooler is made of stainless steel. Including doors on each side for cleaning. Adjustable water height, temperatur and holdingtime.

Drying Machine WE DM

Drying machines are available in two different standard  versions, with 10 and 15 drying rollers respectively, to handle different degrees of drying and capacities. The  water is soaked up from the products by rollers coated with felted cloth. Under each roller there is an adjustable pressure roller with a scraper rail to deal with water as it runs off. There is a collecting trough under the scraper rails, with a hose connection to a drain. All rollers are journalled in ball bearings. The machine is fitted with hatches that can be opened for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Optical sorter – Carrot

Optical sorter – Potatoe