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Sustainability is something that is close to our hearts at EMVE. That is why we always strive to work as sustainably as possible, with goals and ambitions to constantly develop and to be at the forefront of these issues.

 How we work with sustainability

Solar cells

We can proudly show that we have been using solar cells as a part to drive our production and the company forward.

Electric car chargers

Installation of electric car chargers for our employees’ electric cars.

The Nature & Environmental Book
EMVE cooperate with The Nature & Environmental Book – a teaching component in environmental knowledge.

The purpose of The Nature & Environmental Book is to provide emerging generations with good nature and environmental knowledge, thus creating conditions for a better environment in the future.

Through the cooperation between municipalities, companies and organizations, The Nature & Environment Book is distributed free of charge to elementary schools, grades 4-6. The goal is for all pupils aged 10-12 to
receive a copy of The Nature & Environmental Book. The vision is to provide environmental education for the children of the world.

Behind the annual publication of 240,000 books is, Svenska Kunskapsförlaget AB, a completely independent and non-political company, founded in 1993.

For more information, please visit:www.kunskapsforlaget.se

 Second hand equipment