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Swedish engineering at its best

Swedish engineering at its best

Swedish engineering at its best

We consider ourselves specialists in our domain. We design and manifacture both small and large production lines, all in close cooperation with our customers. It’s the customization that makes us unique. Together with our customers, we solve the most complex problems in an optimal and cost-effective manner.

The meeting results in magic

It’s in the meeting with our customers where the ”magic” occurs. We listen with extremely large ears and can twist and turn the customer’s situation on the basis of our design/production perspective. The solution will be optimal only when we fully understand the reality of our customers. The close cooperation with our customer continues with the service and development in a long-term perspective.

Ready to use-solutions

All our machines are characterized by gentle and
efficient handling of our customers products. Above all, we meet the extremely high standards of hygiene,
reliability, maintenance requirements and safety of the food industry. The machine range has a large span.
We have everything from reception-stations, grading, washing, silo-buffering and sampling, through to packaging and palletizing. Even machines for scaling and process included in our range. We offer complete solutions and ready to use-equipment.

Engineering, production, manufacturing and installation

So, is everything done in-house? No, not quite everything, but almost. Over the years we have established a large net-work of subcontractors, both here in Sweden and abroad. The close collaboration with these suppliers makes it easy to integrate and customize products to complete our final production lines. All planning however, is done in-house and we often need to integrate standard components from our suppliers. The same applies for the mounting and electrical work.